Is The Bible Cool With Masturbation

*I posted an article on the changing views of sorcery and witchcraft between the 8th century and modern times, and now I’d like to show you how they changed the translations of “fornication” and “uncleanliness” to an outright attack on masturbation and homosexuality!

I’ll TRY to be brief with this one:

Akatharsia (noun) and Akathartos (adjective) appear in The Books of Romans, Corinthians, and Galatians, and it means “unclean” or “uncleanness”, and while whacking off will make you Biblically “unclean”, so will menstrual blood, and camel puke. Modern Christian interpreters have taken the word Akatharsia and magically leveraged it against modern homosexuality. But before that, the Biblical RE-writers aimed the translation of  ”Akatharsia” at masturbation. But all it really means is “messy”.

The actual translation of the Greek word Pornea is “fornication”, and it had a very strict meaning. It meant sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons, or sex between an unmarried person and a married person, so yeah, if a gay fellow makes love to a married man then he’s sinning, but “pornea” is not a term that was applied to homosexuals or masturbating. Prostitution, Adultery, and incest? YES….masturbation? No.

There’s another UNKNOWN word, that has no current translation. That word is arsenokoitai.  The actual meaning of arsenokoitai has been lost. Needless to say, the evil Biblical translators of today have conveniently inserted HOMOSEXUAL or effeminate male into that slot. They cheated. And that’s not fair. The same reiterations apply to whacking off.

The Mormons are notorious for mishandling the translations of the above words and so are the modern interpreters of the Bible. They extend the definitions of certain words to suit their CURRENT beliefs, and this is exactly how witches get burned, homosexuals get alienated, and Africans get enslaved.  These are called extended definitions. It’s pretty important to understand the context, and the history, of each translation, because if you mess it up, then folks get killed.

As far as the Old Testament, “The Sin of Onan” occurs when Onan whacks off so that he doesn’t impregnate his wife. The sin isn’t masturbation, the actual sin is NOT procreating! The self-induced ‘YAY!’ is not the sin. In fact, a well-known King James translation that supposedly condemns masturbation is actually more concerned with keeping clean:

16And if any man’s seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even. 17And every garment, and every skin, whereon is the seed of copulation, shall be washed with water, and be unclean until the even. 18The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even.”

Folks, just clean up after yourselves, ok?

As for Jesus. He was notorious for not washing his hands. He didn’t even wash his hands before eating! The priests called him out on that nasty habit, but he told them to back off by exclaiming that there is no ceremonial or physical uncleanliness, only spiritual and moral uncleanliness. (Matt 15 and Mark 7)

“Matt 15:18: “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.”

So yes, masturbating with evil thoughts is bad, but otherwise, masturbating in, and of, itself is just unclean and somewhat yukky in the eyes of heaven; Nothing more and nothing less.

 I still have to do a little more digging but these are the most glaring problems with translations. Those scribbling fools have given themselves the power to insert whatever word into the Bible that suits their moral agendas.

I could go on, for days, about how one modern translator changed the passionate kissing between David and Johnathan into an aggressive handshake! But we can save that for another day.

So, was Jesus cool with masturbation? I don’t really know, but it appears that if it’s done without evil intent, then you’re certainly good to GO!

Have a GREAT day and stay CLEAN!  :)


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  1. OK – gonna take a stab at this one, though I’m looking forward other interpretations.

    First, all the OT references to clean and unclean were included in the laws written for the Jews to set them apart from those who were not followers of God, to give them a set of parameters to live within, and to point them to the Messiah. (I could go on and on here, but thats another topic for another day). The Jews took these rules very seriously and believed that they must follow them to “earn” their way to eternity with God in order to “make up for their sins”.

    Fast forward to Jesus – he came, lived, died and was resurrected, fulfilling our requirement to “make up for our sins” for eternity. It was His gift to us. With all this being said, that is why you see in NT scripture like Romans 14, that ceremonial clean and unclean became a “thing of the past” in Jesus’ point of view.

    SO … what does Jesus think of masturbation? It is my understanding that first, God made every single part of our bodies perfect and in His image – including our “junk”. It’s ours, so we can touch it. I don’t believe that he has a problem with our touching it. I believe that He would, however, have a problem with masturbation if we are imaging another man or woman who is not our husband or wife, while we are doing it. Adultry is a clear sin in the bible – both in the NT and OT – and adultry is not just intercourse (thank you Bill Clinton). Adultry is even THINKING about the act with someone else. Now, before you go flipping out thinking you’ve committed adulty with half of your friends or coworkers … a wise friend once told me that you can’t help what your brain does, but you can help what you do with those thoughts!!! So forgive yourself for the fleeting thoughts of seeing your HS science teacher in his underwear (did I write that out loud!?!?), it’s only a sin if you followed through on those thoughts and invited him to dinner!!

    Does this make any sense? I guess the point is, yank that chain all day long as long as you are thinking about your wife and it isn’t hindering your relationship with her. Click your mouse till the sun comes up as long as you are picturing your husband while you do it. But seriously, what’s the point? Wouldn’t it be more fun if they are there with you???

    The problem comes when you are single. That’s where I’ m at a loss. I’ve asked a close friend who is a pastor and he is just as baffled as I am. He said he had a friend in seminary who used to pray for nocturnal emissions!! (Guess that gets you a pass!). They were taught to put their energies into sports etc… But then again, they weren’t Catholic and sex was a possibility in the future (because marriage was a possibility). Maybe someone else has a better answer.

    • Actually, according to the Bible, Jesus did say that if you even thought of someone who didn’t belong to you you were committing adultery. At least in the current translation. So, if you want to adhere to the Bible, you have to adhere to that. Otherwise, you’re a “cafeteria Christian”.

      As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to think that Jesus didn’t say some of the snarky things that translators and people who wrote 100 years after his death , say he did. I’d like to believe he was much more forgiving than that.

  2. Totally right Heather.

    I included that masturbation is ok as long as there aren’t evil intentions, because many forms of child abuse and many forms of slaughter begin with simple masturbation.

    I’m laughing to myself right now, because I just classified “yanking the chain” as if it were a “gateway drug” but generally, if you are masturbating to the thought or image of a child, then doing the actual act of harming a child is the next horrible step. Just as masturbating to the thoughts or pictures of a lover will potentially lead to a physical meeting.

    I agree with the married part, but I couldn’t seem to live up to it myself, and I don’t think many others are handling it well either. In this regard, if someone is a true Christian then I think your interpretation is rock solid.

    As for single people. I honestly think the Bible is indifferent about masturbation, as long as there isn’t bad intent attached to it. The Kingdom within is far more important than the Kingdom without. This body is transient.

    I’m still confused, like the rest of you and I actually went to the Bible to show a LWL member where the Bible condemns masturbation and I ran into the fact that it might not….It was odd for me to be stumped about the Bible so I slapped this article together quickly.

  3. This is so funny! But you’re right about the translations. I’m sure that it all started with the supreme curmudgeon, St. Jerome. He hated people anyway and stowed himself in a hermit’s cave while he translated the original Aramaic version. From there it was a free for all. Martin Luther thought he certainly knew more than those damned Catholics who’d kicked him out, so he tweaked it a little. Then, of course, King James had fun with it too – did you know that he originally took out references to rulers being tyrants? Because he was one. It would be nice to see the original and be able to read it. I think a lot of people would be surprised at what it really says. Not to mention the books that got left out.

  4. Heidi. You and I are very similar.

    We’re going to really look hard at the Bible as one of the causes of our cultural and societal baggage. The shadow of those RE-writes has killed so many of our familiars, so it’s important to try to put an end to them now.

    The problem is that we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The idea and thought of Jesus is really the message of love and peace. Jesus, and those like him, are the key to moving forward, and the St. Jeromes of the world are the nemesis.

    There had been warnings of a false church….predictions of it….so is the false church what we’ve been left with?

    I dunno, but stick around. We need you for the long haul on this type of discussion.

  5. And Also: When I wrote this I was serious: “There’s another UNKNOWN word, that has no current translation. That word is arsenokoitai. The actual meaning of arsenokoitai has been lost.”

    And this means that there’s a SIN out there that many Christians should worry about. An unknown SIN with no direct translation. I wonder what it is????? Are those Christians going to burn in their hell for “stepping on cracks”? Or “watching TV”? Or “wearing comfortable shoes”?

  6. Are you guys for real?
    The only thing I want to comment on is the idea that hom0sexuality is o.k. in the Bible. The pick and choose or cafeteria method chosen is an attempt at rationalizing and putting a stamp of approval on sin. Sin is sin. Lying, stealing, lusting, murder, whatever. It is all sin. Not one is greater than the other. There is only one unpardonable sin, but that discussion is for another day.
    Homosexuality is plainly forbidden in terms a first grader can understand. A man SHALL NOT lie with another man, nor shall a woman lie with another woman. It is just that simple. Whether or not you believe you were born with the desire or not doesn’t even matter. You should deny yourself those things that are pleasing to the flesh, but are not aligned with the word of God.
    This does not mean that we should not love those who are in sin, but we don’t have to approve of the sin. If I am lying or lusting or stealing or in the act of any other sin; I need someone to come along side me and lovingly correct me. That is what you do for those you love.
    As for masturbation, I don’t know how to deal with that one with scripture, except to say that if anything is done with lust in your heart than it is a sin. I am not sure how you can masturbate without lusting.
    Can we move on from trying to make sin o.k. and maybe talk about why the acceptance of sin via political correctness has caused a moral decay in our society?

  7. The article was about masturbation and the article also stated that the recent interpreters of the Bible inserted “Homosexual” into the the Unknown word “arsenokoitai”. I’m good with that.

    By the way, Bill, inserting whatever word into an unknown greek term is pretty foul. Especially since the word “homosexual” didn’t even exist when the King James Bible was written.

    Can you get them to erase that incorrect translation, please? It’s tantamount to lying and it makes the bible VERY fallible.

    I think a lot of your points are well taken though and when you wrote this:
    “Can we move on from trying to make sin o.k. and maybe talk about why the acceptance of sin via political correctness has caused a moral decay in our society?”

    I pretty-much agreed. But Sin is OK in the Bible. There’s lot’s of sinning in the Bible and it goes unpunished. You just don’t get those things tought to you in Sunday school, so they aren’t on the tips of our tongue. I’ll be sure to post these stories as the months pass, but I’d like to move from Religion for the rest of the week. Give me time.

    So, if you can help us erase many of the modernist ADDITIONS to the Bible then I’ll work hard to crush the political correctness…perhaps we can get to the root of the common goal. To Love one another.

  8. I dont think we nor the Bible authors knew every single detail as to how God punished each and every sin that took place. If you or I commit a sin, it may be dealt with completely private between God and you or I. To say that God does not punish sin is silly. God may forgive a sin if the sinner asked and repented. In fact 1 John 1:9 makes that point clearly. There are many other verses that could be used. Sin in Romans 3:23 is a wage (payment) of death …. Another note worth mentioning, just because God forgives a sin, does not release the sinner of any consequences associated with that sin. There are other verses that say we should “hold every thought captive”. I would imagine that the masturbation issue is more a battle with men than women. It has been well stated and researched we (men) are visual, ladies are emotional. That is how God wired us. Men see a woman who is dressed a certain way and well you can fill in the rest. Ladies may or may not be inclined to act the same way, it depends on the gal. The act of masturbating in 99.9998 percent of the time requires an object upon which to think upon. Single people have it the hardest. Paul states this clearly, and talks of being single so your life could be completely dedicated to serving God fully. If single, which particular object are you going to think upon? Hold every though captive!!! Philipians 4:8 gives us guidance into our thought life. Interesting article and respones none the less.

  9. Very true on the bulk of what you’re saying, Mark.

    The only point of real contention might be that women actually DO masturbate at a high frequency. Acoording to an article in The New York Times, 53% of women polled admitted to using a vibrator.

    The scary part of that poll showed that 50% of men used one…… Gah!

  10. And Mark? You wrote: “To say that God does not punish sin is silly.”

    I think the main point of that article was to say that THE BIBLE does not denounce masurbation, in general.

    So I could say: “To say that God punishes us for masturbation is silly.”

    And both of us can be right. 🙂

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