Holiday Songs Gone Wrong – “Let It Snow”

I work at a pharmacy and several years ago, I wrote one of these to entertain my co-workers. They liked it so much, that I wrote at least one more each year dedicated to a specific medication. I am not encouraging rampant drug use at ALL… this is merely a way to laugh about the stress of this time of year and have a little fun with these damn songs that they play repeatedly starting after Halloween. Enjoy!


Sing it with me to the tune of “Let It Snow” – here we go!

Oh the hormones inside are raging
My emotions, they need caging
And since it’s holiday time, you know..


Oh the stress of it all’s not stoppin’
Some medication, I be poppin’
No time to drink all day, you know..


When I finally sit tonight
I’ll thank God that there is Walgreen’s
For the alternative’s quite a fright
All men and children be warned…………!

My supply is slowly dyin’
The swear words again be flyin’
As long as refills are not zero..



Copyright © 2011 Little White Lion
All Rights Reserved


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