Dude, where’s my card?

Valentine’s Day. The holiday about love that so many do not love. Over the years, this day has become more about Valentines for kids than happy couples. What does it really have to do with romance? For some it helps keep the fire burning and if that’s you then, bravo! But for us sarcastic smart asses… well, we have other thoughts that we put into our very own cards. Eat your HEART out, Hallmark!



Thanks to our friends Brett, Jason, Kevin, Lisa, and Eric for all the help with this madness. You people are as sick and twisted as us and we love you for it!


Copyright © 2011 Little White Lion
All Rights Reserved


5 responses

  1. To all the men I’ve loved who’ve lost their hair, gained a front belly as big as a derriere… and married girls by far who have bigger boobs and nothing in their head but air….Screw ya’ll and I am still fantastic!!!!
    Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Impotence is harsh for an ex. Yet…that’s what happens when “he” leaves…and wonders why the gal wants sex. It’s b/c later on…he might not be able to. 🙂

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