Beer. The Piss of Angels.

BEER. Some think it’s the “sweet nectar of the gods”.
Yes, even green beer
well ok, maybe not..

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate the unofficial drink of the Irish… well one of them anyway. If you don’t like beer, or even if you do, you might think all beer drinkers are the same. Oh no. We’re as different as the 100+ entries for “beer” found in the Urbandictionary. My personal favorite? “Beer – fermented shit dat taste good “.  Well said!

Because we believe that beer drinkers can be put into unique categories and we like to be snarky assholes, we put together some FLOWcharts (you can blame that bad pun on the beer we were drinking when we did this). Cheers!



Thanks to our friends Jason, Kevin, Lisa, Jeff, Rob, Philip and Eric for all the help with this crazy post. And a special shout out to Brett for making these badass charts and including that sweet photo of The Hoff! xo

Copyright © 2012 Little White Lion
All Rights Reserved


12 responses

  1. Do I like to eat at bars or restaurants with a bar enclosed? YES. . >>>>CONGRATS! YOU’RE A TWO FOR ONE DRAFT BEER PICK!!!

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