Taking the Culture out of Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Searching for a costume for a Halloween party has been a big challenge for me this year… mostly because my lazy ass procrastinated and waited until the costumes were picked over, but we won’t get into that. This week, I went to a local store and asked if they had any witch costumes. The guy working there escorted me to an aisle that had a “Naughty Witch” costume. Wow, this baby left no question as to whether you were a good witch or a bad witch! I promise that the only thing I was planning to “ride” was a broomstick but thanks anyway, dude. I also saw a dozen or more other costumes that would instantly make me look like a hooker (and would also require that I become a hooker to afford them). So what do you do if you’re on a budget like me and have no interest in being a part of Whore-oween?

I asked some of my more creative (and twisted) friends if they could brainstorm with me. We came up with some offbeat ideas that might impress, yet possibly scare, others at an adult costume party or event. Here are the results. Happy Halloween!


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    • It was originally posted on happyplace.com and is also on the Little White Lion Facebook page (in our Wall Photos album). It’s awesome, isn’t it?!

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